Samfya - Luapula Province

June 23, 2022

Samfya is the leading domestic tourism destination is Zambia for two reasons. It offers Zambians a beach life experience and because of its proximity to the vibrate Copperbelt province, which is one of Zambia’s economic provincial giants and of course Lusaka, that makes it a preferred destination for most Zambians because of its uniqueness.

The Beach and Cruise boats on lake Bangweulu are seemingly the only activities taking visitors out there and of course the nearby Mumbuluma Falls in Mansa Town.

With the help of its partner (CBI) on 11th  of June, ZATO – Zambian Association of Indigenous Tour Operators embarked on a road trip to explore that popular Zambian destination and arrived there on the12th of June

The road trip itself was a pack of mixed feelings of sadness and excitement and offered important understanding and knowledge which were great experiences to the team of Destination Management Companies on the trip. The drive was smooth in certain areas and bumpy in others. The bumpy stretches made the trip look endless but also made it possible for the team to appreciate the country side and perceive all the activities by the local communities along the way.

Surely, our people need alternatives to some of their livelihood activities of decades and tourism has the avenues to change their lives and make them better. The lives of our people in the country side if well packaged are tourism attractions for foreign clients combined with history of the people, traditions and the landscape that offer very rare scenic views.

The route has many sites to visit and see, starting with the home of the Broken Hill man, in Kabwe if travelling from the southern direction to Chitambo Village – David Livingstone’s death point and burial of his heart, to historical Caves, Kasanka National Pak, to the magnificent Bangweulu plains and home of the Black Lechwe. Bangweulu plains and their surrounding areas are rich in bird life too, great birders.

Finally, the route lands in the famous Samfya in Luapula Province home of the Imbowa fish, a rare and taste Cat Fish.

While there for a 3 days training workshop, besides, the Beach and Boat Cruise experiences, ZATO had the pleasure to visit and were hosted by the humorous, hospitable and fully engaged His Royal Highness Chief Bangweulu who expressed excitement at the prospects of taking Samfya to the foreign markets as a deserving tourism destination.

The ZATO team had the pleasure to visit and hear the secrets and Mysteries' of Samfya, from a lake #Chinweshiba which would drown men only, to a tree with leaves of other trees - ichitilubaluba to Mucheleng'anga

Samfya is an alternative get way to the Northern Province for many great cultural experiences, legendary stories, traditional Ceremonies and amazing Water Falls and finally, Lake Tanganyika and its offerings.

Together Luapula and Northern Provinces are known as the Northern Circuit and through ZATO and CBI its partner, have and are positioning this destination for foreign clients through sharing of knowledge, skills and trainings for the tourism players in Samfya and the surrounding areas.

The way of doing tourism business in Samfya will soon change and is destined for a role model of Community Based Tourism and inclusive growth through packaging of heritage sites and local activities owned by local communities and also inculcate and enhance the concept of conservation of local resources by encouraging participation in tourism for alternative economic activities for economic empowerment of local people and inclusive growth.

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