ZATO is an Association of Indigenous local Tour Operators in Zambia. We help tourism businesses grow and advocate with the government.

Join ZATO to grow your tourism business and a inclusive growth where there is sense of ownership, belonging and pride.

Tourism For Inclusive Growth

Why Become a Member

ZATO is the tourism association in Zambia that helps your business grow. We are strong advocates for your interest. Support you in marketing your products domestic and international.
Be the first to sell new community experiences and stay on top of the lastest government and market information

  • Market your products to all members
  • Get help of experts to grow your business
  • Together we are strong tourism advocates
  • Get important market information first

Membership Category

Ordinary Member

Open to all class “A” Tourist Agents License holders

Associate Member

Open to holders of the Tourist Agents License other than class “A”.

Affiliate Member

Open to persons/organizations engaged in the tourist related industry within or outside Zambia.
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Become a member

You also want to become part of ZATO and join us on our exiting journey towards a growing and inclusive tourism industry in Zambia.

The please fill out the application membership form and read our terms and conditions.

Need more information?

How what we do matters.

Sell more products
ZATO is a marketing platform that enables tourism businesses in Zambia to reach both local and global markets. Products will be introduced to member DMCs to package and market to their partners.

Together we are strong
ZATO creates a single voice for a variety of tourism issues and concerns, making it easy to advocate for different services and considerations as one unified voice. ZATO aids in the development of government policy.

Learn & Grow Faster
ZATO provides free business consultations in a wide area of topics. The combined experience of our members makes us all more competitive. ZATO offer business trainings and workshops to its members with the help of its partners.

Get information first
ZATO is a tourism information center through which information from the government is communicated to the many tourism players and vice versa

Build Trust
ZATO authenticates the members' businesses to the general public and others businesses establishment for business opportunities through that membership.

Learn members to sell your products
ZATO provides opportunities for familiarization excursions, which are critical for tourism services, especially to the Destination Management Companies that need the expertise to package for their sales.

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Zato & Cats Team

Services ZATO delivers

  • Advisory & consultancy services
  • Tourism Marketing and Road Trip Shows
  • Professional development training and workshops
  • Industry statistics and information
  • Promoting and developing community based tourism
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